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About Us

Zangokaji Forensic Investigations Agency Ltd (ZFI AGENCY) is the most efficient, sophisticated,result-oriented and number one private forensic investigations agency operating in Zambia. ZFI Agency offers a wide range of services locally and internationally. The Agency has an excellent reputation of providing quick and long-lasting solutions to many private investigation needs of various clients. This reputation Is derived from the company’s result- oriented approach.This Agency’s well-trained and experienced staff known as Special Agents or Private Investigators draw the inspiration to efficiently, effectively and adequately attending to various needs of all its clients from the Agency’s mission and vision statements.The ZFI Agency was incorporated in 2021 and has renowned local and international consultants and advisers.


Security Service You Can Count on

Focus Your Time and Efforts on Running Your Business and Leave the Security to Us

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We are a professional, highly qualified and authentic as well as the best number one private forensic Investigations Agency in Zambia specialized in all forms of investigations activities/services which include, among others, the following:


Zangokaji Forensic Investigations Agency Ltd provides high-quality security and other related services to individuals, corporate entities to ensure total protection and safety of people, their property and investment. Our services are distinguished by the professional staff (Special Agents/Private Investigators who work tirelessly to satisfy clients’ needs.


To grow into a leading Private Forensic Investigations Agency in southern Africa that shall provide quality services with integrity whilst maintaining profitability and providing equal opportunities for its Special Agents.

  • To expand the business aggressively and get above-average returns for the Agency
  • To become the readily innovative Private Forensic Investigations Agency
    within the seven market segments.


99.9% Accurate reporting Giving you a Peace of mind.

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  1. Forensic Psychology and Provision of Counselling and Psychotherapy
  2. Forensic Accounting/Auditing with focus on: Auditing of Financial Statements and other Financial Records, verification of financial information and account records,evaluation of internal accounting systems with recommendations, to improve, business rescue and insolvency
  3. Computer or Cyber Forensics
  4. Crime scene Forensics
  5. Forensic Archaeology
  6. Forensic Dentistry
  7. Forensic Entomology
  8. Forensic Graphology
  9. Forensic Pathology
  10. Forensic Science
  1. Corporate Governance
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Investigations of disasters , Disaster management and mitigation Measures
  4. Property Law
  5. Regulatory Changes and compliance issues
  6. Crime and Drug Investigations
  7. Vehicle monitoring: state of the art monitoring devices are discreetly placed in a vehicle to monitor movements and locations
  8. Supply and installation of Private and public Cameras
  9. Provision of Private and discret investigations
  10. Cheating/ Infidelity: Our investigators are specialists who are specifically trained to remain undetected
  11. provision of Manned security Guarding: Home security, Body Guards , electric fence, CCVT installation and monitoring
  12. DNA testing/investigations
  13. investigations into cases of impersonation,scamming and swindling in respect of mobile money transactions and other financial transactions


99.9% Success rates in bringing Culprit to justice.

Meet the Team







Prof. Ray Bull

Prof. Ray Bull Is A British Psychologist And Emeritus Professor Of Forensic Psychology at The University Of Leicester and a Part-time Professor Of Criminal Investigation At The University of Derby.

Dr. Sussane Knabe – Nicol

Founder of POLICE SCIENCE, an Organisation Specialized In Law Enforcement Education and Training in the United Kingdom

Mr. Brian Kamota

Expert In Criminal Justice System Key Person To Provide Advisory And Consultancy Services.


Mr. Phanwel Namangala

Expert In Criminal Justice System Key Person To Provide Advisory And Consultancy Services.

Mr. John Mbao


Committed to Our Terms

  • All correspondence will be directed to the named person
  • All matters relating to the business agreement will be treated with strict and utmost confidentiality at all times
  • We will not be liable to stand as a witness in the courts of law
  • The clients shall pay the stated consultation and engagement fees. A receipt shall also be issued in all other payments and
  • The clients shall be liable to provide TRUE and ACCURATE data about person(s) for whom the case refers.